As fast as light

Get fit while having fun

Discipline and Respect

We are all, at all times supposed to respect each other. Respect should be from all parties involved. The swimmer, the coach and the parent.

Team work

We are a team. We work together, never give up and always accomplish tasks together with fun in the best way possible.

People, process and product.

Have the right people, take them through the right process and you will have the right products.

challenge yourself


This is achieved by providing a 100% commitment and responsibility of all task that are set a head of you. You do this by constantly improving personal bests and always challenging yourself with higher level targets.


In order to achieve set goals and objectives, the swimmer, the coach and the parent must all be ready to do what it takes. They have to be ready to face the obstacles in front of them and make sure nothing stops them from moving ahead. They should make sure that every task is completed with a 100% commitment. With everybody willing to give in all they can, many tasks shall be accomplished and therefore our goals shall be achieved.

Ownership and responsibility

If we are to achieve more, we should be 100% responsible for what we are trying to achieve. That responsibility comes as a result of owning the actions that lead to achievement of a goal. The coach provide a challenging environment and providing the best professional work and advise to help in the development of the swimmer. The swimmer should also respect the coach and do the workouts that are provided to them.

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Learn as you get fast

At flash swimming club it’s not just training but we also teach our swimmers such that they can understand how to do the strokes under low or no pressure at all. This enables them to ask questions on what they want to know and therefore will get the best out of their training.

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