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  • Swim Caps

    UGX 50,000

    Swimming Caps are an essential part of a swimmer’s costume. Swimming caps are sometimes worn in an attempt to keep hair dry and protect them from chlorinated water, to keep the sun off the hair and prevent it from damaging. The most important role of a swimming cap is that it improves the performance of…

  • Swim Goggles

    UGX 50,000

    Swim goggles are a crucial piece of your swim workout at the pool. They allow you to see clearly under the water, time your turns, and protect your eyes from chloramines (aka red, itchy eyes). Silicone strap, gasket One-piece design Black, blue, green, pink, red colours Sample is available

  • Swim Mesh Bag

    UGX 30,000

    Swimming mesh bags are lightweight large bags for storing swimming equipment. They are made from a soft net-like material which allows everything inside to air dry. They are great for carrying swim gear to the pool deck such as hand paddles, fins and pull buoys.

  • Swimming Fins

    UGX 10,000

    Swimfins, swim fins, diving fins, or flippers are finlike accessories worn on the feet, legs or hands[1] and made from rubber, plastic, carbon fiber or combinations of these materials, to aid movement through the water in water sports. Swimfins help the wearer to move through water more efficiently, as human feet are too small and…

  • Swimming Hand Pedals

    UGX 40,000

    A hand paddle is a device worn by swimmers during training. It consists of a plastic plate worn over the swimmer’s palm and attached over the back of the hand.

  • Swimming Kickboard

    UGX 50,000

    A kickboard supports your arms and upper body, letting them rest so you can devote your focus and energy to training your leg technique. If you’re still learning how to swim, a kickboard is a great tool to help you practise your leg work before you get into a full-body swim. It means you can…

  • Swimming Pull Buoys

    UGX 50,000

    A pull buoy is a foam buoy that is designed to provide extra buoyancy in the hips and force swimmers to focus on the pulling motion of their swimming. Pull buoys are excellent for upper body training, reinforcing better body position, and mixing things up in swimming workouts. Pull buoys come in a variety of…

  • Swimming Snorkel

    UGX 100,000

    Get yourself one of our essential swimming snorkels. Wearing a snorkel allows you to keep your head down during the entire swim. Additionally, having the snorkel as a headpiece forces you to keep your head even and straight, which helps promote better body positioning as a whole. Lastly, wearing a swim snorkel allows you to…