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Our Mission

To provide the best swimming training to the swimmers through stroke analysis and correction of errors, teaching them to be disciplined, such that they can achieve the goals of being physically fit, making it to the National teams, making it to the continental and world championships, and making it to the Olympics.

About Flash Swimming Club

Flash swimming club is a private limited company which has its major objective of helping swimmers achieve their goals in the sport of swimming for example becoming physically fit, making it to the national teams, making it to continental and world championships, and making it to the Olympics at large. It started in 2018 on a small scale training particular individuals and presenting them for different swimming galas. Due to public demand, the owners of flash swimming club decided to widen their reach and decided to make it into a registered swimming company such that we could reach a number of swimmers and hence helping and developing many talents.

we make a great team

And we have fun

The great team of swimmers, coaches and parents makes being at flash swimming club fun every time you get there. The team work in the swimmers makes them enjoy and encourage each other to accomplish the tasks at hand and they eventually feel no pain. The coaches are understanding and are very well equipped with a number of fun and stress free drills that can be done by our swimmers. Everybody is hospitable and you will find a great team.


we participate in many local and national competitions

  • May 3rd - 5th | Uganda National Age Group Swimming Championship
  • June 8th | National Open Water Inaugural Swim Gala
  • Oct 5th - 6th | USF National Independence Gala
  • Oct 14th - 31st | 12th All African Games
  • Oct 18th - 20th | CASA Level 1 Championship Mombasa
Competition Wins

Company Vision

To be the leading provider of swimming services in Uganda.

In the research that we made, we discovered that most of the swimmers in Uganda do not get the appropriate training, due to lack of knowledge from the coaches on the swimmers they have. They most of the times give similar training which hinders individual development of swimmers. This affects swimmers development and the swimmers do not progress as required and most of them give up before achieving their goals. It’s due to these reasons that flash swimming club was started to create a difference and also change the trends of training in the country, from just being general to also going in details of an individual swimmer.

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